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Living Areas, Office, Hallways, Stairs, Laundry: All Areas Dusted, Furniture Vacuumed, Wood/Tile Cleaned, Carpet Vacuumed, Wipe Baseboards, Cobwebs Removed, Spot Clean Walls, Wipe Light Switch Plates, Glass Tables Cleaned, Picture Frames Dusted, Lamp Shades Dusted, Silders, Ceiling Fans, Empty Trash, Wipe Down Fireplace
Bathroom: Sink Cleaned, Tub/Shower Cleaned, Chrome Fixtures Polished, Toilet Cleaned, Vanity Top Cleaned, Countertop Items Organized and Dusted, Towels Changed(If specified only), Place Dirty Laundry In Hamper, Mirrors Cleaned, Wipe Baseboards, Swept/Mop Floors, Clean Light Switch Plates, Dust Walls, Remove Cobwebs, Empty Trash, Shake Throw Rugs, Wipe Cabinets, Wall Ornaments, Glass Door
Bedrooms: Carpets Vacuumed, Linen Change(If specified only), Beds Made, Place Dirty Laundry In Hamper, All Areas, Dusted, Picture Frames Dusted, Mirrors Cleaned, Window Sills Wiped Down, Spot Clean Walls, Clean Switch Plates, Lamp Shades Dusted, Wipe Baseboards, Empty Trash, Organize Dressers, Ceiling Fans
Kitchen: Countertops/Backsplash Cleaned, Cabinet Fronts & Edges Wiped, Small Appliances Wiped Down, Wipe Down Inside of Microwave, Outside of Appliances Wiped Down, Baseboards Dusted, Spot Wipe Walls, Clean Switch Plates, Sinks Scrubbed, Chairs & Tables Dusted, Empty Trash, Stainless Steel, Sweep & Mopped Floors, Ceiling Fans, Dusted Wall Ornaments
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