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Reviews that we received from clients that we serviced from Thumbtack.com (these are all copied from our site. You can check them all out for your own if you wish on thumbtack.com). ****House Cleaning Services completed on September 23, 2013 5/5 stars ****House Cleaning Services completed on September 22, 2013 4/5 stars ****House Cleaning Services completed on August 17, 2013 4/5 stars “Janelle and her husband were very thorough and fast. They cleaned our entire house in about 4 hours. They went above and beyond the initial agreement and did extra tasks without charging extra money. Very satisfied”. ****House Cleaning Services completed on June 13, 2013 5/5 stars “When I arrived home I was very pleased with the work performed and the care that was taken to make things just right. If this is the level of quality performed each time, I anticipate a lengthly relationship”. *****House Cleaning Services completed on May 23, 2013 5/5 stars “I just want to say that hiring Janelle was a wonderful experience. There are so few people who take pride in their work and go the extra mile to do an outstanding job like Janelle does. I highly recommend her. I am totally satisfied” *****House Cleaning Services completed on January 3, 2013 5/5 stars “Nice folks who did a great job”! ****House Cleaning Services completed on May 5, 2014 5/5 stars****** *****House Cleaning Services completed on April 28, 2014 5/5 stars****** **** House Cleaning Services completed on May 20, 2014 5/5 stars Janelle and Larry did a great job on our house. They were on time, friendly, worked within the time frame we were given and most importantly our house is clean!!!!! Melissa G. ****House Cleaning Services completed on May 10, 2014 5/5 stars This is the first time I used a cleaning service and I loved it. Janelle was friendly and professional. She brought her own equipment and just need our vacuum for the basement. She was detailed and thorough. I highly recommend her. Both my daughters said without prompt "it smells so clean & pretty."my wife and I love the results.... Ed C
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